MoRHA's Liberty Classic

June 5-7, 2020

National Equestrian Center

Lake St Louis, MO

Alright - we have our online forms ready and we're open for business! It's a new world, there are new rules and we're determined to have a great show. We hope you are determined too.

Here are the pertinent show details:


ARENAS: We are limited to 20 people in our usual warmup pen. This space will serve SOLELY as a staging area for the next class and egress space for the exiting class. We have rented the West arena and it's attached warmup space for practicing during the weekend. We will use this arena for Showmanship on Friday while trail practice takes place in the other arena. 58 people will be able to ride at any given time in the big arena and 34 in the warmup pen.


SPECTATORS: This show is closed to the public. Families that traveled together may sit together in the stand area but must sit 6 feet apart from other parties. We are limited on spectator seating for the show arena but there is plenty of room to sit and chat in the big arena (social distancing still applies).


STALLS: We can have 10 people per barn row. We estimate that this will equate to about 150 horses allowed. On our stall reservation form, we are asking for a "people" count in addition to a stall count. This information is REQUIRED. Per fire marshal rules, nothing can be setup in the barn aisles (this means hay bales, chairs, muck carts, etc). Get a tack stall or two and share with your group. We know this is inconvenient and we're trying to come up with a solution. Some sacrifices have to be made to be blessed with the ability to show! Hopefully more will be on this soon.


ENTRIES: We will only be accepting pre-entries for this show. We've set up our online registration system to link directly to the at-will showmanship and trail signup. You sign up for classes and at will order at the same time! Do yourself and us a favor and sign up soon! If you have any issues at all with the online system, just shoot us a message and we'll call you to take your entry. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE SHOW. You will be able to add and drop classes. We are putting together a "low/no contact" check in system and more information will be available on this soon.


This is a constantly changing landscape for us all and there may be changes ahead. Hopefully less strict but possibly more. We will keep you posted as developments occur. Masks are not required at this time but are highly recommended when using public areas (especially restrooms). NEC and MoRHA staff will be wearing them.  The NEC has setup hand washing stations in the barn areas and they will be sanitizing the facility regularly.

MoRHA June_2020 showbill.png


The show will be held at the National Equestrian Center in Lake Saint Louis, MO